The Visual Studio Class Designer team is sad to announce that the Class Designer will not support the C++ language in the upcoming release of Visual Studio 2005.  Late last week we were forced to make a very difficult decision, which we are relaying to you today.  Needless to say this was a very painful decision, as we had invested a lot of time and effort in providing support for C++.  However, after analyzing the work items remaining to fully support C++ class design, we concluded it would not be possible to deliver a high quality experience for C++ users by product release.  Therefore, we have decided to remove support for C++ in the Class Designer.  Enabling support for C++ in the Class Designer will be a top priority in future releases of Visual Studio.  For Visual Studio 2005, the Class Designer will support the VB.NET, C# and J# languages.  We welcome your thoughts and feedback on this decision.

The Class Designer Team.