I'm a software tester, and I work on ASP.NET.

Are you still reading?  Interesting.

ASP.NET's test team isn't something you hear much about, and nobody who tests the product ranks among the best known team members in our product group (the organizational unit that includes testers, developers, and program managers working on the same closely-related set of products).  However, the importance of the test team around here is hardly minimal.  Just to give you some sense of proportion, testers make up over half of the product group's members.

I'm going to start this weblog by describing in hopefully not too much detail the way in which ASP.NET is getting tested; as I think you'll learn, this is different from the kind and level of testing you may have seen (or done) in other products.  We have our reasons for testing the way we do, and maybe you can find value in hearing about how we do it.

I also want to talk about ASP.NET itself, with attention on the new features in it that I test.  As soon as I'm done with my overview of how we test ASP.NET in all of its glory, I hope to share with you something useful about Smart Navigation, the ContentPager control, control designers, and the other nifty things I happen to test for a living.

Of course, your suggestions are important; I want to share with you the things you want to know about to the greatest of my ability, so don't be afraid to give me your feedback.