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  • Blog Post: Full Test Pass

    I haven't posted a lot in the last few weeks, and there's a succinct reason for that. In fact, I can name it in three words: Full Test Pass. The concept is close to what it sounds like. During the earlier stages of product planning, the test team for ASP.NET and the web development profile for Visual...
  • Blog Post: A New Language Tag?

    Those of you who know about RFC 3066 know that it's the standard which describes the tags that you should use to identify the language of an HTML or XML document's contents. For example, in XHTML you'd code something like: . . . <html xmlns=" " xml:lang="fr" >...
  • Blog Post: Performance, Stress, and other fancy stuff

    In response to my first post, Scott asked a very topical question: Not sure if this falls in your basket or not, but I would be interest in any tips or tricks for memory profiling ASP.NET applications. Well, Scott, I'm pleased that you're interested in this subject, because it's a very good...
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