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  • Blog Post: Internet of Things – Terminals, Hosts, Peripherals

    [This is a follow-up post to "Internet of Things or Thing on the Internet?" ] The metaphor "Internet of Things" stands for the next wave of expansion of scope for distributed systems. We started the journey with centralized systems, single computers, that you had to walk up to and control with...
  • Blog Post: “Service Assisted Communication” for Connected Devices

    There is good reason to be worried about the "Internet of Things" on current course and trajectory. Both the IT industry as well as manufacturers of "smart products" seem to look at connected special-purpose devices and sensors as a mere variation of the information technology assets like servers, PCs...
  • Blog Post: Internet of Things: Is VPN a False Friend?

    "Internet of Things" (IoT) is the grand catchphrase for network-enabling everyday objects and leveraging the new connectivity to collect information from the devices, allowing network-side control, and supplying information to those objects that allows them to do new tricks – like telling a toaster about...
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