Extending On-Premises Applications to the Cloud by Jacob Avital.

Principles : You create an application, make it cloud aware or host it in the clouds, and leverage the .Net Services.

What are the .Net Services ?

The .Net Services provide the connectivity, formerly called BizTalk.Net. .Net Services are an infrastructure :

  • Service Bus (point to point or pub/sub)
    • REMARK for BizTalk.Net CTP developers  :
      • The existing RelayBinding is turned into 2 different bindings
      • NetTcpRelayBinding for point to point communications
      • NetEventRelayBinding for pub/sub (event notifications)
  • Acces Control (claims based)
  • Workflow (application components)

This infrastructure reduces investments

  • Built on a large scale data center fabric
  • Reliably hosted
  • Quick Provisioning
  • Scale rapidly and economically

What is Dublin ?

We extended IIS and WAS to enable a Windows Application Serve. Basically, you run and manage WF and WCF services. The tooling is Visual Studio but also Oslo tooling for modeling.

More in future sessions… then we had pieces of codes and demos pretty common for anybody which played with biztalk.net preview.