Yesterday, we talked about services, we introduced Azure, hosted new opportunities to extend enterprise solutions. Today, we’ll talk about the front end, the OS. It is no more about the PC, it is the PC and the Mobile + the Web.

Today, it became difficult to imagine someone or a place without a PC. What you would do without a PC ? Our needs have grown : family memories, contracts, records of our health…. Over years, the PC + windows have demonstrated such value. today, we’ll show you how the Web can drastically change things.

Everyone of us sits every day in front of a PC, opens a Web browsers and spend hours on the Web. Yet, both are disconnected. We can give tremendous value by combining together the PC, the Phone and the Web.

The value of the phone is that application are always available with you, no better way than a phone to catch instant information.

You will always see our investments in Windows, .Net and Applications. For he Web developer, we have worked hard to comply to standards with IE 8 and deliver rich applications with Silverlight. Getting Web Apps offline is a growing concern.

Today we will show you our great investments in our platform and our Software + Services vision, between Windows 7 and Window Live. But also, we will show how our tools enable you to build great applications.

Steven : Welcome to Windows 7 (demo windows client, software + services, transition from windows vista, APIs, fundamentals, path to RTM). 20 sessions will go into details.

Windows 7

User Interface

  • A new task bar which integrate together applications and documents. In two clicks, I can now open a recent document.
  • Library location
  • HomeGroup : immediately connect to your printer, devices in your local network
  • Windows Media Player : think of putting your videos in there
  • Devices : get an instant view about all capabilities of the device, but also get an instant view of all your devices (printers, PCs, phones)
  • System Tray : this is the notification area, you get control of which application get in the tray, you can hide notifications ! New Action Center for PC security and performance.


  • 25% more space between the items so that it is easier for me to click items.
  • Move, zoom, everything I can do with a mouse without reprogramming the application
  • Several applications have been updated to add touch behavior (IE, Media Player, Picture …)

Windows 7 + Windows Live

Windows 7 is the core platform, it is extended by Windows Live Essentials (Rich Desktop Applications to bring together online and PC experiences) and Windows Live Services (

Performance, Compatibility, Reliability have been our focus with Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008. We now have a robust foundation. The lessons we got from Vista are various : ecosystem readiness (today 95% of drivers are available, we need to prepare better, we decided to be compatible for Windows 7), standards is important to developpers (we focussed on IE7 support of standards and released our conformance tests), compatibility has always been a challenge (UAC : we have succeeded in moving the PC eco-system to a more secured environment for the user), and scenarios that suit your needs (HomeGroup : we maintain two domains : the domain connected to your enterprise, and your home environment).

Windows 7 for developers

  • Ribbon User Interface ; it will show up in all apps
  • Jump Lists and Libraries to integrate deply with the Windows Desktop experience
  • Multi-touch, Ink, Speech
  • DirectX family (extended for games)

Video : Autodesk

Windows 7 fundamentals

Decrease Memory, Disk I/O, Power and increase Speed, Responsivenss, Scale (up to 256 processors – follow on at WinHEC).

Windows 7 will work on smaller devices (1Go RAM is enough)

Added encryption for USB drives

Possibility to create a VHD, attach an existing VHD, possibility to boot on a VHD !

Easier to modify the DPI and to work with multiple monitors, dual monitor supports VHDs !

Action Center makes it possible to turn messages on or off on individual type of applications

Path to RTM

  • Today Windows 7 Pre Beta (corresponds to the M3 build)
  • “E7” blog, community
  • Beta (early next year)
  • to get the beta
  • Feedback tool
  • Customer Experience Improvement data
  • Release Candidate to RTM phase

Windows 7 will be delivered 3 years after Windows Vista launch (=> January 2010).

Windows 7 Client Development 

Scott comes into play.

Windows 7 APIs comes in Win32 format / C++ and integrated in Visual Studio 10. .Net 3.5 SP1 will be built in Windows 7.

Demo : photoSuru (photo manager, the code will be delivered in a few weeks)

This week we will ship a new WPF Ribbon Control. The demo shows back and forth buttons connected to the WPF build in navigation system.

Gesture support has also been added to WPF controls.

Today, we release a DataGrid, DatePicker, Calendar, Ribbon, and Visual State Manager (to unify WPF and Silverlight). Compliant with Windows 7, Vista and XP

.Net 4

  • WPF improvements
  • Fundamentals and interoperability
    • Possibility to load simultanly CLR 2 and CLR 4
    • Managed / Native code interops
    • Dynamic Language Support
    • Extensible component model (MEF)
  • Improvements tooling to VS2010
    • Built in WPF
    • Refactoring support
    • Though MEF, easier to add extensions, integrate with Visual Studio
    • Possibility to create customs views on Attribute

Key message about VS10 is extensibility.

In the next version, we will open the compiler infrastructure.

First version of WPF was shipped 20 months ago. Demo : see how TESCO uses it for

.Net proposes one programming model to target different devices from PCs to Mobile to the Web.

  • Web Improvements in 2008
    • IE8
    • ASP.NET improvements in 2008 (Dynamic Data, REST, MVC, AJAX/jQuery supported very soon in Visual Studio)
      • Download it today : IntelliSense + jQuery
  • What comes with ASP.Net 4 and VS2010
    • Improvements in Web Forms, MVC, AJAX and distributed caching (Velocity)
      • New Velocity CTP this week
    • Code focused improvements, JavaScript / AJAX tooling, various config files (Debug, Release, Staging) and deployment support
  • Today we announce a new IIS extension to support progressive streaming for free.

Silverlight 2

  • Silverlight Toolkit is announced today : charting, treeview, dockpanel, wrappanel, viewbox, expander, … for free
  • Silverlight Designer will be available in Visual Studio 2010 : design surface, data binding support

Silverlight 2 was released 2 weeks ago, machines will get updated next week.

Next year new version of Silverlight with offline capability.

Live Services & Live Mesh

  • Include Identity Security (Live ID : leverage familiar services, easy integration and interoperability, access a user’s social graph)
    • We announced yesterday a federation connector between AD and Live Identity
    • + OpenID announce
  • Communication and Presence
  • Directory
  • Search and Goespatial

Today, Live Services is about 460 million users, 11% of total internet minutes and hunders of thousands of servers for the infrastructure.

Live Mesh. 6 month ago, we introduced Live Mesh is to cross ilos : people, their devices, their data, their applications.

Today we announce the Live Framework as a way to access the Live Operating Environment and a programming model.

Demo : Enhancing a Windows Application with the Live Framework in 3 steps : push data to Live folders, Add it to my Mesh Devices, then Share. The framework enables you to program all those actions and integrate them into your application.

How to get started : download VS2008 SP1, visit for Live Framework CTP, sign up for Live Mesh at

Office Web Application

View, Edit, Collaborate online from a Web Browser (IE, FireFox and Safari). Based on Silverlight. Comes with Office 14, and for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

The demos are impressive…