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  • Blog Post: Add-In Lifetime Management [Pete Sheill, Jim Miller]

    A good question to ask when evaluating a design is ‘how is the lifetime of this object or component managed?’ That is, · How do you know it isn’t needed anymore? · Is it possible to release the resources while the object is still in use? · Is it possible to “leak” the resources by not releasing...
  • Blog Post: Behind the Scenes: Activation [Pete Sheill]

    Let’s discuss the specifics of the construction of the add-in, the isolation boundary and the pipeline in the add-in model – i.e. activation. I’ll be referring to the discovery and activation as discussed here and the segments of the add-in pipeline as discussed here . Let’s say you have discovered a...
  • Blog Post: Behind the Scenes of Add-In Discovery in the Orcas System.AddIn [Jesse Kaplan]

    Details about the System.AddIn’s Implementation of Add-In Discovery Last time we discussed several common approaches to add-in discovery and some of the pros and cons of each. We reviewed type hierarchy, custom attribute, and xml manifest based discovery systems and primarily evaluated them on...
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