Clustering Blog is restarting!!!

Clustering Blog is restarting!!!

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If an effort to improve our customer connection the clustering team is restarting its blog begining the first week of January, 2008.  5 developers have volunteered to contribute to this blog, so we expect to have at least one post each week, so check back often!

 Blog topics may include:

·         Information about new features

·         Cool techniques/scripts for various cluster features

·         Info about new KB articles

·         Tips about debugging clustering issues

·         Respond to some big/common/important customer questions

·         Major Microsoft and Windows Server news and how it impacts us

·         Reflect on relevant industry news and its impact to our product

·        Job openings to attract external candidates

·         Other things we’re doing to benefit our customers



Symon Perriman
Program Manager
Clustering and HA

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  • I look forward to your first series of posts.  I hope all of you are returning from some much needed time off and are ready to tackle 2008!


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