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Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The GC

September, 2004

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    Part 2 in Maoni's Using GC Efficiently

    Maoni posted Part 2 to Using the GC Efficiently. A very in-depth article about Server, Workstation and Concurrent GC. Check it out.
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    Dispose Dos and Don'ts

    Due to the positive response on my previous entry on Dispose, I thought I'd write another, this time on what one should and shouldn't do with a Dispose method. Dispose should contain code to release any unmanaged resources associated with the object's...
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    Demystifying Dispose

    One commonly misunderstood feature is the relationship between disposable objects (Objects that implement the IDisposable interface) and the GC. I know there are a lot of online resources about patterns and best practices but there is still a lot of confusion...
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    GCHandles, Boxing and Heap Corruption

    A GCHandle is a struct used to hold onto a managed object to be used by unmanaged code. With a GCHandle you can (among other things): Prevent an object from being garbage collected if unmanaged code has the only live reference to it Pin an object in memory...
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    A Few Good GC Links

    I keep a GC folder in my Favorites full of links to articles and blog posts about the .NET GC. I thought it would be a good idea to consolidate them all into one blog post, for handy reference. These are the articles I most often post as answers to questions...
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    Server GC Misconceptions

    One of the most common “bugs” I read about on the Microsoft public newsgoups is the fact that the runtime does not automatically choose Server GC mode on a multi-proc machine, or server OS. If the server OS is running on a single-proc machine then the...
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    Server, Workstation and Concurrent GC

    One common question I see asked is the differences between server and workstation GC, and how Concurrent GC fits in. Server GC is only available on multi-proc machines. It creates one GC heap (and thus one GC thread) for each processor, which are collected...
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    A New GC Blog

    Hi! My name is Chris Lyon, and I'm a tester for the .NET Garbage Collector. The GC is one of the least-understood components of the CLR, and I hope to try to help our customers better understand it. Topics I hope to cover: General overview of how the...
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