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  • Blog Post: New In Orcas Part 3: GC Latency Modes

    As you may know, there are different GC modes to choose from depending on the type of application you’re using: Server GC, Workstation GC, and Concurrent GC ( more info ). These settings are process-wide, set at the beginning of the process. Once the GC mode is set, it cannot be changed. In Orcas, we...
  • Blog Post: New In Orcas Part 2: GC Collection Modes

    In Orcas we’ve added an overload to System.GC.Collect(): void System.GC.Collect(int generation, System.GCCollectionMode mode) Where generation is the highest generation to collect (from 0 to System.GC.MaxGeneration) and mode can be: Default: the same behavior if you called GC.Collect without...
  • Blog Post: New In Orcas Part 1: What we’ve been doing

    The Orcas March CTP is out, and what does that mean for the Garbage Collector? The GC team has been concentrating on three areas for this release: Bug fixes. For Orcas, we’ve fixed several premature Out of Memory bugs, improved stability in certain stressful conditions, and even improved performance...
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