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  • Blog Post: How To Tell Which GC Mode Your Application Is Using

    I posted previously about how to set the GC mode your application. So now that you’re running your app, how do you know it’s running in that GC mode? If you’re using v1.0 or v1.1, the CLR loads a different dll based on which GC mode (mscorwks.dll for workstation, mscorsvr.dll for server). You can use...
  • Blog Post: Server GC Misconceptions

    One of the most common “bugs” I read about on the Microsoft public newsgoups is the fact that the runtime does not automatically choose Server GC mode on a multi-proc machine, or server OS. If the server OS is running on a single-proc machine then the runtime will have to load the Workstation GC, since...
  • Blog Post: Server, Workstation and Concurrent GC

    One common question I see asked is the differences between server and workstation GC, and how Concurrent GC fits in. Server GC is only available on multi-proc machines. It creates one GC heap (and thus one GC thread) for each processor, which are collected in parallel. This GC mode maximizes throughput...
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