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March, 2010

  • Windows and .NET Programming

    Collecting crash dumps

    Introduction This post discusses some basic techniques for collecting a crash dump. To test the techniques, we’ll use an application wherein crashes can be triggered intentionally – the CrashMe application from ....
  • Windows and .NET Programming

    External links in Excel files

    Topic This is a post that contains a tool for analyzing the external links in an Excel Workbook. The tool is intended to provide information regarding the linked workbooks, the cells from a workbook that contain external links, as well as the...
  • Windows and .NET Programming

    Working with OpenXML documents

    The default format for saving Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents has luckily changed since Office 2007 to the Open XML formats. There is good documentation available for these formats on: MSDN: Introduction to the Office 2007 file formats: ...
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