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  • Blog Post: Create metafile from icon and label

    Going further on the Windows Metafile problematic from a previous post , I’ve created a sample code for illustration a pretty useful functionality from OLE. What the OLE function implemented here does is to generate a metafile with the icon and label for a specific file: The way to do...
  • Blog Post: DLL Injection

    In a previous post , I was discussing the idea of adding more events to Excel by adding a window hook. Under the hood, the idea is that we can load a DLL in the Excel process simply by transforming that DLL into a COM add-in, which is automatically loaded by Excel. This post covers the situation of programs...
  • Blog Post: OLElsTool - Working with OLE storages

    I’m posting here a tool that can be used for viewing and modifying OLE storage. The syntax is as follows: Usage: OLElsTool.exe <File_In> <Options> -L: list -X <part> <toFile>: extract part -M <part> <fromFile>: modify part Sample usage: say...
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