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  • Blog Post: List styles in Word document with preview

    The sample code from my previous post does a pretty good job listing the styles in a Word document. However, having a preview of these styles makes it a lot easier to spot the subtle differences than by using the Description object. For generating a preview of the styles I used some code posted by...
  • Blog Post: OpenDoc tool unveiled

    After the previous blog posts with the OpenDoc tool, I’ve learned that, while this tool can be very helpful, it also raises a lot of questions mainly because it lacks proper documentation. As such, I’ve decided to post the source code giving everybody who is interested the liberty of modifying...
  • Blog Post: Working with OpenXML documents

    The default format for saving Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents has luckily changed since Office 2007 to the Open XML formats. There is good documentation available for these formats on: MSDN: Introduction to the Office 2007 file formats:
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