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  • Blog Post: Building a large text file editor – Part II

    In the previous post I created a class that was going to be used as an interface between a large file editor and the file on the disk. Since then I've been implementing the user interface and, obviously, the RevisionStream also needed some readjustment. Here are some major changes that were done:...
  • Blog Post: List styles in Word document with preview

    The sample code from my previous post does a pretty good job listing the styles in a Word document. However, having a preview of these styles makes it a lot easier to spot the subtle differences than by using the Description object. For generating a preview of the styles I used some code posted by...
  • Blog Post: External links in Excel files

    Topic This is a post that contains a tool for analyzing the external links in an Excel Workbook. The tool is intended to provide information regarding the linked workbooks, the cells from a workbook that contain external links, as well as the target worksheets and cells. It will generate...
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