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  • Blog Post: Monitoring when registry keys are modified

    Let’s say you want to see where a certain setting from Word Options is saved in Registry. The easiest method is using Process Monitor. Add a filter on Process Name and Operation, start Word and that’s that: If we uncheck “Allow background saves” from Word Options – Advanced...
  • Blog Post: List styles in Word document with preview

    The sample code from my previous post does a pretty good job listing the styles in a Word document. However, having a preview of these styles makes it a lot easier to spot the subtle differences than by using the Description object. For generating a preview of the styles I used some code posted by...
  • Blog Post: Listing styles in Word document

    When dealing with Styles in Word you can never have too much control. This is when a listing of the existing styles and their descriptions helps a lot. Happily VBA provides a powerful way of getting details about a certain style through the Description member of the Style class. Based on this I’ve...
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