Last week we had a push to fix many of the issues reported on the forum and include them in the FxCop 1.35 release. 32 bugs later, we have a release candidate ready.

The code changes between FxCop 1.35 Beta 1 and  RC 1 range from simple bugs such as updating the copyright notice, to as complicated as the addition of 3 new rules around Security Transparency

Many of the fixes made between 1.35 Beta 1 and RC 1 fall in the following categories:

  • Several security rules fixes (expect new analysis of existing rules)
  • Noise reduction of several rules
  • UI behavior
  • C++ analysis noise reduction
  • Generics support
  • Better handling of invalid urls in the rule metadata

Please download the RC from gotdotnet and let us know what you think of this RC on the forum.