We are pleased to announce the release of FxCop 1.35. Please visit http://www.gotdotnet.com/team/fxcop to download it.

Changes since FxCop 1.32:

  • FxCop now only runs on .NET Framework 2.0, however, it supports analyzing all versions of .NET Framework.
  • Support for in source suppression via the SuppressMessageAttribute* (.NET 2.0 only).
  • New WiX-based installer
  • Ability to search GAC for missing references
  • New rule – Design\ExceptionsShouldBePublic
  • New rule – Usage\AttributeStringLiteralsShouldParseCorrectly
  • New rule – Security\SecurityTransparentAssembliesShouldNotContainSecurityCriticalCode
  • New rule – Security\SecurityTransparentCodeShouldNotAssert
  • New rule – Security\SecurityTransparentCodeShouldNotReferenceNonPublicSecurityCriticalCode
  • Noise reduction against generated code and C++/CLI

*In source suppression allows the exclusion of FxCop messages to be expressed in source by applying the System.Diagnostics.CodeAnalysis.SuppressMessageAttribute to the relevant source item. Alternatively the attribute can be applied at the assembly level, specifying the target and scope of the suppression.


To obtain a well-formed SuppressMessageAttribute in FxCop, simply right-click on the message and choose Copy As -> SuppressMessage or Copy As -> Module-level SuppressMessage.


For more information about in-source suppression, see In Source Suppression Overview.