One thing you might notice from today when you fire up FxCop 1.35, is that the rule URLs are now redirecting to the new MSDN Library Wiki as opposed to the old docs on GotDotNet.

To see this in action, try the following:

  1. Open FxCop 1.35
  2. Choose Windows -> Rules
  3. Expand the Naming Rules node and double-click Abstract types should not have constructors
  4. Choose the Support tab and click the URL link

The cool thing about this, is, that you can now supplement the existing docs by adding your own comments to the bottom of the topics. For example, if you have a look at the bottom of the Abstract types should not have constructors topic, you will see that I've added a Visual Basic example. While not a replacement for real documentation written by Microsoft's Programming Writers, adding your own comments helps us find out what topics need work, better samples or what topics customers are struggling with.

Note: You may notice that some topics still redirect to the old topics; this is by-design. Currently only rules that ship with Visual Studio Code Analysis have documentation on MSDN; over the coming months this will change as we work to move all the rules documentation over and document the new rules for FxCop 1.35.