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Issue Report: Sample Browser ClickOnce Installation is Not Started in IE [Fixed]

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Update of Fix

The CodePlex team has fixed the following issue.  The download should work fine for IE now.   In case that the Sample Browser ClickOnce Installation is not automatically started because of adblocker, you will see the following message in the webpage:

"Click here if your browser does not start the download automatically."

And you can click "here" to start the installation manually.


-------------------ISSUE DESCRIPTION------------------

This week, you may experience an installation issue when you install the Sample Browser hosted in CodePlex using IE.


Steps to repro: 1. open in IE 2. Click Downloads 3. Click “ClickOnce Installer” 4. Observe count down (3. 2. 1.) 5. Nothing happens.

This is a known issue in CodePlex, and the CodePlex team is trying to fix it this week.  The current workaround is to use FireFox or Chrome to install the Sample Browser.

I will keep you updated about the progress of the issue.

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  • You also have to turn off the tracking protection, with firefox with ad block it also fails.

  • Impossible to downlowd from a Microsof site with Microsot software. Microsoft software is a problem, not a solution.

  • On my computer it also didn't work with Chrome and Firefox, no Browser worked.

  • Sorry for double message. I put another message in Issue Tracker by mistake.

    I accidentally found a way to get the new version of the Framework. Yesterday, I had to search for samples and I launched previous version of Framework. It prompted about downloading new version. I accepted download and it succeeded. I hope it will work for others.

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