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[Sample Of Feb 25th] How to create Chart in Word document using OpenXML

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Sample Download : http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/How-to-create-Chart-into-a7d424f6

The sample demonstrates how to create chart in Word document using OpenXML sdk. 

imageYou can find more code samples that demonstrate the most typical programming scenarios by using Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework Sample Browser or Sample Browser Visual Studio extension. They give you the flexibility to search samples, download samples on demand, manage the downloaded samples in a centralized place, and automatically be notified about sample updates. If it is the first time that you hear about Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework, please watch the introduction video on Microsoft Showcase, or read the introduction on our homepage http://1code.codeplex.com/.

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  • Hi Team,

    Using the sample code ,I am able to create chart in Word document using Open XML but I am unable to edit the  created chart in word document (created using open XML) manually. To edit  a chart manually, when I click (right click) on chart, word opens a right click menu. there after when I click "Edit Data" option in a right click menu. It does nothing. Ideally, word should open the chart in Excel, so that on changing  chart data in excel , the change can be reflected in Word chart too.

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance

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