I attended a Microsoft Debug Day for Windows Mobile 6.5 yesterday. The event was well presented and well received, so kudos to the presenters; Don, Nick and James.

From a few conversations that I had with attendees during and after the event, it seems to me that people, generally, got out of the event exactly what they were hoping for.

That being said, and the main focus of this post, I was somewhat disturbed to see the lack of interest that resonated loudly throughout the audience when the topic of testing was raised.  I can only suppose that these developers who came for a 'Debug' Day are already very well versed in testing methodologies for WinMo 6.5. 

I am fully aware that testing is not the sexy, glamourous part of development.  In fact, if done properly, it can even highlight one's own inadequacies - akin to holding a mirror up to your developmental soul.  Maybe that's why people tuned out en masse.  But, and I cannot stress this enough, if you test well and test often, you WILL save time, effort, money and sanity in the long run.  Invest the time and effort into setting up a thorough test harness for everything you develop and your efforts will be repaid with interest when deployment time rolls around.

There's some good tools that come for free with Visual Studio which can, with a little effort, be fully automated.  They will thrash the ever-living .... do-do .... out of your application.  If this is done often enough then it will be an absolute cinch for you, as the developer, to pinpoint where any issues that are uncovered stem from.  Imagine how much easier the debugging process if you knew that the 10:00am test was successful, but the 11:00am test failed, for example, than being told that something you did in July is probably the cause of a new, unhandled, undocumented exception.

So, test well and test often.. Do it for yourself!  You owe yourself that much, surely?  And when you reap the rewards of your disciplined and rigorous testing regime,  you may send your bank-cashable thanks to PO Box 6004.......

Till next time,
Nick Mayall
Founder | CEO
Minno Pty Ld