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    Happy Birthday CodePlex!

    Today is the 2nd anniversary of the CodePlex launch announcement.  We celebrated with some birthday cake on this nice, warm and sunny Friday afternoon in Seattle. CodePlex team members who are not currently on vacation.  =)  We have a few...
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    SourceForge Community Choice Awards Open to CodePlex Projects

    This year, SourceForge is inviting CodePlex projects to participate in their Community Choice Awards .  The CCAs is an annual event where members of the SourceForge community nominate and vote for their favorite OSS projects.  CCA Badges are...
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    CodePlex Syntax Highlighting

    As Sara already mentioned , we added syntax highlighting to CodePlex on Monday. To be specific, we added syntax highlighting to the source code browser. We intend to add it to the Wiki as well, in the near future. Currently, we support the follow programming...
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    Introducing Code Syntax Highlighting Support for Browsing (9 June 2008 Deployment)

    Yesterday, we deployed our latest feature – support for Code Syntax Highlighting. Support for Syntax Highlighting was our 2nd most requested feature with 113 votes.  For languages not yet supported, please open an issue in our Issue Tracker (and...
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    Sights and Sounds from TechEd 2008

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by the CodePlex booth to chat with us. We really appreciated the opportunity to share what we’re doing with CodePlex and to get your feedback and to answer questions. We had a great turnout for the “Embrace Open Source on...
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    Removal of “Sandcastle” Project

    Over the past 24 hours, it was brought to our attention that one of the Microsoft projects hosted on CodePlex did not publish its source code.  As a result, we removed the project.  We’re working with the project owner to find the right release...
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