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    Test drive the new CodePlex at our upcoming usability study!

    Update 2 Sept 2008: The feedback reimbursement is now 100 dollars. Also, the correct dates are Sept 16 thru 18, not the 19th. We will be conducting usability studies in Redmond, Washington for our upcoming versions of CodePlex and are looking for people...
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    Ratings and Reviews for CodePlex Projects

    In our latest CodePlex deployment (today), we’ve introduced ratings and reviews. Signed-in users can rate projects from one to five stars, and have the option of detailing their feedback in a review. Ratings and reviews are release-specific and are displayed...
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    Top 5 Myths and Facts about CodePlex

    Myth #1:  Software hosted on CodePlex is only for developers Fact: CodePlex is for any open source software application. Some of our top projects include Rawr , a .NET tool for World of Warcraft players, and the Vista Battery Saver , an app for managing...
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