CodePlex launches support for TortoiseSVN

CodePlex launches support for TortoiseSVN

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CodePlex is now offering server support for SvnBridge, the tool that enables TortoiseSVN to talk to Team Foundation Server. Support for Subversion has been our number one requested feature, and by hosting SvnBridge, our users can now use their favorite Subversion client with any project.

What’s SvnBridge / TortoiseSVN / Subversion? What’s the big deal with server support?

Subversion is one of the most popular source code repositories in the open source community. TortoiseSVN is a Subversion client (similar to how Team Explorer is a client to Team Foundation Server) that is widely used among open source developers. We want TortoiseSVN users included in the CodePlex community, so we created SvnBridge to enable TortoiseSVN to work with Team Foundation Server.

SvnBridge illustration linking Team Foundation Server and TortoiseSVN

Our first versions of SvnBridge have required client-side installations, meaning that TortoiseSVN users first had to install and run SvnBridge prior to interacting with the CodePlex source code repository. Having to start the SvnBridge software prior to every session has been the primary cause of dissatisfaction with our TortoiseSVN support.

Starting today, TortoiseSVN will just work as illustrated below, no extra software is necessary to work with CodePlex.

Setting up TortoiseSVN to use CodePlex

For users experienced with using TortoiseSVN, it is as simple as knowing the URL to use.


Make sure you use HTTPS and replace <projectname> with the name of the project. See SVN Checkout below for illustration.

TortoiseSVN within Windows Explorer

When I first started using TortoiseSVN, I kept trying to find the GUI or “TortoiseSVN.exe” to launch. Try as I might, there was no executable to be found. It took me some time to accept the fact that TortoiseSVN merges itself into Windows Explorer. For those coming from a similar Microsoft background as I am, you’ll find yourself scratching your head if this is the first time you’ve seen source control commands within a Windows Explorer context menu.

Show Log command on TortoiseSVN within Windows Explorer

TortoiseSVN in Action

The following illustrations will walk through some of the basic operations of using TortoiseSVN. Since SvnBridge is an open source project itself on CodePlex, I’ll use it as the example project below.

The first thing to try is starting the Repo-browser, short for repository browser, which lets you see the files in source control. The URL for the SvnBridge project is Using TortoiseSVN, CodePlex supports anonymous access, so you won't be prompted for a login to see the files or for any other read-only activity. The Repo-browser is equivalent to the Source Control Explorer in Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer.

Repository Browser

Use SVN Checkout to download the source code for a project to your computer. You will see the checkout progress screen while the files are downloading. For Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer users, “Checkout” is equivalent to “Set Working Directory” and "Get Latest Version", and “HEAD” means “the latest version.”

TortoiseSVN Checkout

After the initial check-out is completed, you’ll see the finished checkout window.

Checkout Finished

The Show Log command displays the history for that particular file or folder. Just select the file you want more information on, right-click to bring up the context menu, and select the TortoiseSVN command.

Show Log

You can also check out Steven Harman’s blog post for an actual TortoiseSVN user’s write-up regarding SVNBridge support.

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  • Is there a guide on how to switch from Teamprise Explorer to TortoiseSVN?

    In order to switch from Teamprise Explorer to TortoiseSVN, I had to delete everything from TE, and then recheck in everything from TortoiseSVN. Otherwise, there are always issues.

  • From our very own Sara Ford , word comes of Codeplex now offering server support for SvnBridge . SvnBridge

  • CodePlex is Microsoft’s open source project repository. It is built using Microsoft Team Foundation System

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  • Wow! This is great news. Now I can move the mojoPortal project, , to CodePlex.

    I've wanted to move to Codeplex for a long time but we have users who work with our source code on Linux with Mono and the client side Subversion bridge just wasn't going to make that possible. If I understand correctly, since its a server side bridge, the client doesn't matter and it can work just as well with the Linux command line svn client. That rocks!

    Thank you thank you!

    I'm sure its too much to hope for a way to import from an existing svn repository? I guess we will have to just back up the repository and make a clean break from the old system.

  • I’m speaking at ReMix on Thursday in England, where I will demo the new Subversion client support for

  • Hi All, Zoals jullie wel of niet weten publiceer ik soms hobby projectjes via codeplex. Bijvoorbeeld

  • Supporto a TortoiseSNV per CodePlex

  • Jetzt können Developer auf CodePlex Projekte mit dem Subversion Client TortoiseSVN arbeiten. CodePlex

  • 앞으로 오픈소스 프로젝트를 만드실때 CodePlex를 한번 써보세요...SVN도 지원하기 시작했거든요.^^

  • The CodePlex team has announced that CodePlex now supports TortoiseSVN &quot;natively.&quot;&#160; In

  • CodePlexClient 是一个.net的项目,提供两个很小的程序CPC.exe, TFC.exe 来管理,命令行模式,Teamprise Explorer在Teamprise可以看到,好像是一个收费的东西,还一个是和VS2005,VS2008集成的微软的工具,在Visual Studio Team Explorer wiki page有下载,不过面向VS2005的246MB,面向VS2008的有387MB,都是超级巨大。我比较喜欢小点的程序,所以还是用CodePlexClient。这个看起来是命令行,但用/gui参数还是有几个命令有界面。现在从创建项目开始介绍一下如何使用这个东西。安装和配置的过程很简单,可以参考Installatio

  • Thanks to you guys for adding this server side.  It is MUCH friendlier than the client side SVNBridge.

    Where should I raise issues that we encounter with the Subversion support?  For example, I am looking at the log for a branch I am working on, and it looks very wrong.  I can write this up, but where should I do with it?

  • @Ben: I'll route your question to the team for follow-up investigation. Best way to contact us regarding issues is either through this blog's email link at the top navigation bar or via the CodePlex Contact Us form.



  • Nice.  Is someone able to describe the steps needed to configure SVNBridge on our own server to talk to our own TFS server?

    We have Mac developers and would like to provide a SVN interface to them, but they cannot run SVNBridge locally.

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