Sneak Preview - New CodePlex UI

Sneak Preview - New CodePlex UI

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We have been busy the last several months working to improve the overall experience for the CodePlex community. We have been working through some of the top requested items, such as our big announcement last week enabling Git. Something that is not explicitly on the feature request list are requests to update the web site look and user experience.  As Brian Harry mentioned, the Future of CodePlex is Bright, so it is time to start brightening up the place.


As with any sizeable change you need to decide the scope of changes you want to tackle. We decided that we would optimize on incremental improvements versus taking months to get a completely new experience released. Our goals with this user experience work is to refresh the look and feel of the site, introduce new visual elements and set up the site for future structural changes. So this is not the end, just the beginning.

Early Views

I want to set a few expectations first, these screen shots are not final, and we are still working through the content and final element placement. Feedback is always welcome, just take that in mind as you review the images.

New CodePlex Home

The navigation changed a good bit on the home page and we have moved the search to a more consistent location across the site.


User Profile


Users Home Page

The goal was to make it easier to find and take action on common tasks such as creating projects.


Project Home


Issue Tracker



This should give you a taste of where we are going with the new user experience.    

As always we love the feedback, either comment below, find us on Twitter @codeplex or @mgroves84, or create or vote up suggestions.

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  • Very nice! Maybe you deploy codeplex app for metro? ;)

    I would like to have live tile on my desktop.

    You do very good work. Thank you for it.

  • Looks nice Mark, but I think this version has the same flaw, as its predecessor. The front page/ start page, is too static, because some projects are to high, on the ranks and therefor the site will always look the same.

    I Propose instead of the 3 categories (Most Downloaded, Popular Releases and Top Followed Project) theres should be something like: Latest Projects added, Top 10 this Month and Most Followed this month.

    Because total top ranks are so last year...

    You could always make at subsite, with all the top placement projects.

  • I love it! Getting rid of the horrible green is a big improvement :)

  • I've chosen codeplex because of the extraordinary design with strong elements giving a clear view...

    now it looks like all the other project-hosting sites!

    since design doesn't matter anymore it's time for me to switch to a project-host where svn works correctly

  • There are some positive aspects in the new UI, but who decided ALL CAPS could possibly be a good idea in menus? That person is metrolling us all.

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