A New Look for CodePlex

A New Look for CodePlex

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As I mentioned a month ago, we have been working on improving the overall experience for the CodePlex community.  Today, I am happy to announce the release of CodePlex’s new look!  Our goal was to refresh the look and feel of the site to a modern Metro-inspired theme.

This is the first step in our continued investment to improve the usability within the site.  Please let us know your feedback!  Also, if you see any bugs or something that doesn’t look quite right in the new pages contact us with the link.

Here are some highlights of the new look released today:

Redesigned Home Pages

We wanted to make it easier to find common actions within CodePlex.  So now within the public home, and your logged in home page, you will find large tiles that take you to common actions such as creating or finding a project. 




Simple Project Creation

We also made it easier to create new projects.  Previously to create a project it was multiple fields, agreement checkboxes, and a CAPTCHA, spread out over three pages. 







Now, creating a project is two fields and selection of your source control preference.  Much simpler. 



We have more things coming, and as always we are very focused on providing users what they ask for, so continue submitting your ideas and voting for feature suggestions!  You also can always find us on Twitter at @codeplex or @mgroves84

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  • and one more time the usable fixed with is a bit smaller. :((((

  • the cancel button is missing in the edit mode for a wiki page. thanks again

  • all table borders is missing on the pages for me. incredible....

    sorry, I'm sick of it.

  • @Sebastian - got a link to a page?

  • @Matt Hawley


  • Can we finally change our project names if we made a mistake in the name?

  • The overall look is nice, but I really hate the trend toward narrow fixed width layouts.

  • You need to have a hard look at Work Item performance!

  • Please let us create developer's page on CodePlex!


  • This is odd, you go to view a change set, and it's a list of links, click on 'diff' for one of the files, and it shows the difference between the current file and the previous changeset, in fixed-width, whereas viewing the file itself is variable width.  When you go from viewing the difference in the changeset view, back to the commit listing, and the files show up differently, in a way that's actually easier to read (using alternating background colors for each change item.)

    The new look is cleaner, but for some reason it makes a burning rage build inside me.  Probably because most pages using tables are harder to follow, and you 'fixed' what wasn't broken.

  • recent reviews panel looks crappy, wtf with the stars.. WTF...

  • The contrast between the foreground color and the background color is horrible. If you don’t have the best monitor and a perfect light situation in a closed office then the new design is not readable anymore.

    Please improve this.

  • WTF with banner bar on the top, codplex was perfect one day, and now they messed it, maybe it's time to move to github, die violet sucker...

  • All this has done is trash the UI for anyone not using an insanely large screen. I don't want a browse button that's more than twice the height of my taskbar. Perhaps add an option for those of us who hate the new theme to use the old one? It's much much more readable, and in general usable on smaller screens.

  • Thanks for the feedback, we are looking to improve the contrast and several of the other issues with table formatting.  

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