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Hi, welcome to the Color at Microsoft blog. My name is Michael Bourgoin, I'm the Program Manager for Color, Community & Science in the Windows Digital Documents, Platform & Solutions Group Color Team (D2.Color). We are responsible for the new Windows Color System (WCS) in Windows Vista. I'll be posting news, thoughts, updates and questions on issues relating to color in Microsoft products and particularly concerning WCS. I hope that this blog will become a useful forum for the color community.

  • Profile utilization test image and profile

    This year at WinHEC we had a demo that showed the use of ICC and WCS by various applications and system components on Windows Vista. A part of this was a specially prepared jpeg image with an embedded ICC profile that contains a WCS profile in an ...
  • Errors in online documentation of WcsOpenColorProfile and OpenColorProfile APIs

    I recently noticed a discrepancy between the online documentation for the WcsOpenColorProfile and OpenColorProfile APIs and their declarations in the icm. h header file (and the icm.h version is correct). The Windows Vista SDK online documentation at...
  • Typo in IDeviceModelPlugin interface docs

    One of our IHV partners (thanks, Harold!) recently asked a question regarding the IDeviceModelPLugIn::DeviceToColorimetricColorsWithBlack() API in the WCS device model plugin interface (see
  • WCS Design Documents Now Live On MSDN

    The Color Team is pleased to announce that, as promised, we have published our internal design specifications for WCS. These detail all of the algorithms used in the WCS baseline device models and gamut mapping methods. They now part of the Windows Vista...
  • Behavior of GetColorProfileHeader with WCS device model profiles

    We've had a couple of folks tripped-up over this issue, so I figure it's worth a blog posting. Early versions of the WCS documentation indicate that none of the ICM APIs that deal with specific ICC profile structures will work with WCS device model profiles...
  • WCS will not be available down-level

    The number of questions we've seen regarding this issue indicates that there is still some confusion out there... So, I'm going to interupt the WCS gamut mapping series to clarify things: WCS will not be available for any pre-Windows Vista OS platforms...
  • Gamut Mapping In WCS, Part 2: the MinCD baseline gamut mapping model

    The WCS Minimum Color Difference (MinCD) baseline gamut mapping model is conceptually the simplest of our gamut mapping algorithms. It corresponds roughly to the ICC colorimetric rendering intents, and like them it comes in two flavors that roughly correspond...
  • Gamut Mapping in WCS, Part 1

    Gamut mapping in WCS is established at color transform creation time, rather than at profile creation time. And, while our baseline gamut mapping methods each implement a different gamut mapping algorithm, there are some operations that are common to...
  • Static and Dynamic CMMs

    Until recently, most ICC-based color management processing engines (CMMs), including Windows' ICM CMM, implemented the processing models defined in the ICC profile format specifications; they were a collection of matrix and interpolation table processors...
  • Transparency & Predictability

    Predictability is often cited as the most desired and valuable characteristic of a color managed workflow. It's also been one of the most difficult to achieve. A widely recommended approach involves sticking with a single CMM (Color Management Module...
  • WCS Presentation at the 13th annual IS&T/SID Color Imaging Conference

    Back in November of 2005, I presented an invited paper on the Windows Color System (WCS) at CIC 13 in Scottsdale, AZ. The annual IS&T/SID Color Imaging Conference is the world's premier color science conference, and draws distinguished color scientists...
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