January, 2006

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About Color at Microsoft

Hi, welcome to the Color at Microsoft blog. My name is Michael Bourgoin, I'm the Program Manager for Color, Community & Science in the Windows Digital Documents, Platform & Solutions Group Color Team (D2.Color). We are responsible for the new Windows Color System (WCS) in Windows Vista. I'll be posting news, thoughts, updates and questions on issues relating to color in Microsoft products and particularly concerning WCS. I hope that this blog will become a useful forum for the color community.

  • Transparency & Predictability

    Predictability is often cited as the most desired and valuable characteristic of a color managed workflow. It's also been one of the most difficult to achieve. A widely recommended approach involves sticking with a single CMM (Color Management Module...
  • WCS Presentation at the 13th annual IS&T/SID Color Imaging Conference

    Back in November of 2005, I presented an invited paper on the Windows Color System (WCS) at CIC 13 in Scottsdale, AZ. The annual IS&T/SID Color Imaging Conference is the world's premier color science conference, and draws distinguished color scientists...
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