One of our IHV partners (thanks, Harold!) recently asked a question regarding the IDeviceModelPLugIn::DeviceToColorimetricColorsWithBlack() API in the WCS device model plugin interface (see He wondered if there was a missing ColorimetricToDeviceColorsWithBlack() API, since the black generation information is primarily useful in the colorimetric-to-device direction. He is absolutely right. This routine should be named "IDeviceModelPlugin::ColorimetricToDeviceColorsWithBlack()". There is no "IDeviceModelPlugin::DeviceToColorimetricColorsWithBlack()" API. WcsPlugin.idl has the correct interface definition. This is a cut-n-paste error in the specs, and has been corrected in recent versions of the SDK documentation. Unfortunately, these haven't percolated up to the MSDN site, yet. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.