September, 2006

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About Color at Microsoft

Hi, welcome to the Color at Microsoft blog. My name is Michael Bourgoin, I'm the Program Manager for Color, Community & Science in the Windows Digital Documents, Platform & Solutions Group Color Team (D2.Color). We are responsible for the new Windows Color System (WCS) in Windows Vista. I'll be posting news, thoughts, updates and questions on issues relating to color in Microsoft products and particularly concerning WCS. I hope that this blog will become a useful forum for the color community.

  • Profile utilization test image and profile

    This year at WinHEC we had a demo that showed the use of ICC and WCS by various applications and system components on Windows Vista. A part of this was a specially prepared jpeg image with an embedded ICC profile that contains a WCS profile in an ...
  • Errors in online documentation of WcsOpenColorProfile and OpenColorProfile APIs

    I recently noticed a discrepancy between the online documentation for the WcsOpenColorProfile and OpenColorProfile APIs and their declarations in the icm. h header file (and the icm.h version is correct). The Windows Vista SDK online documentation at...
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