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  • Blog Post: Commerce Server 2009 updates for _PresentationInfo.xml files in Profile Web Service

    In Commerce Server 2009 we have a new feature as part of the new default sites. This is the Store Locator. The Store Locator provides the ability to have a user enter an address or zip code and find all of your store locations along with getting driving directions. Prior to using the Customer and Orders...
  • Blog Post: Configure IIS web logs for Data Warehouse Authentication Module

    When you setup a new site in Commerce Server 2009 using the SharePoint Commerce Services Configuration Wizard (SCSCW), it can be used to create the new web applications in both SharePoint and IIS. When you do this there is one additional step that you may need to take if you plan to use the Commerce...
  • Blog Post: How to setup Site Variations for the Commerce Server 2009 sites

    The steps to setup and configure site variations in the Commerce Server 2009 Default Site and the Contemporary Site have been worked over several times here and instead of having a 10 page long post on the topic, we have published new documentation to cover the steps on setting up such a configuration...
  • Blog Post: Commerce Server 2007 supports SQL Server 2005 SP3

    We have completed all testing of both the Commerce Server 2007 Core API and the Data Warehouse functionality with SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3. All test cases have passed with no issues and we do fully support this update to SQL Server 2005.
  • Blog Post: Support and compatibility with 2008 products

    The question regarding does Commerce Server 2007 support Windows Server 2008 and/or SQL Server 2008 and/or Visual Studio 2008 has came up several times and I wanted to give a quick post on this. With the release of Commerce Server 2007 Service Pack 2, we do fully support both Windows Server 2008 and...
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