I am a new hire and currently working in Team Foundation Server team as a developer. I am a Hong Kong native and just got my master degree in Hong Kong. Coding is my number one hobby and I write freeware before I moved to Redmond.

You may think name of my blog sound strange. It comes from the first computer my family owned, it's an Apple ][+ clone and we still kept it in our treasure box. It was 1983 and I was 4 years old. We learn programming by ourselves and immediately addicted to it till now. When I visit Microsoft Museum first time, I feel very touchy. In the museum, there is a big window showing all the computer stuff from day 0 of Microsoft, to what we see now. I "witnessed" 90% of those stuff in this great time chamber. It was my childhood, my memory, and they are everything to me. I am glad that they are now in a museum, kept preciously.

I was a loyal object-oriented fellow too. OO crossed my life in my first summer of undergraduate study, when I was working for a professor as a voluntary helper. I immediately addicted to OO. I buy and read all books about object patterns, refactoring, object thinking, etc... C# was the first language I practice my OO techniques on. I also love concurrency, that's multi-threading, synchronization stuff... Concurrency trained my OO discipline.

"To make sure one's code is flawless when run concurrently, they have to follow a strict rule explored by themselves."

Different people write different software.

Microsoft is a company focusing on users and developers. I know someone out there would consider Redmond as a place for worship. And I am happy to live next to Microsoft (within 100 meters), the holy place for fellows like me. Before I moved to Redmond, I tried my best to see what Redmond looks like, but there aren't too much resources talk about Redmond. In this blog, I will tell all fellows about culture in Microsoft, environment in Redmond, and of course, photos I took in Microsoft campus.

Working in Microsoft is my childhood dream after I know more about Bill Gates. Now my dream come true and my next dream would be talk to Bill Gates, shake his hand and take a photo with him. Dreaming is next best thing to sleeping, right? :P