Microsoft offers a great relocation package for international new hires. When they are designing the relocation package, they start from your perspective. Here is a brief check-list for what is in the relocation pacakge.

Delivering your personal belongings with both air cargo and container by sea. They pack my stuff directly from my home (or any place you want) with professional local movers. Air cargo usually arrives within 2 weeks after they packed it, and sea shipment usually arrives within 2 months. You can also ask the movers to put your sea shipment to storage for free, until you get your new home. Of course, they also covers insurance for your stuff, so it's always worry free. For me, I only used up 50% of my air cargo and 13% of my container space. So as long as you are not a millionaire and living in a super-sized house, they can move your house.

Your temporary house is ready as soon as you arrive (with your free one-way air ticket). Your relocation specialist will ask for your top concerns about the temporary house. For me, I didn't drive so I want a house as close to campus as possible, and I need high-speed Internet access too. So they give me a well-furnished temporary house just 30-50 meters to my office building, with all the kitchenware, high-speed Internet, housekeeping services. Surprisingly, I got a DVD player and a 40" TV in my temporary house too.

A destination agent will be assigned to you as your assistant. They will help you to setup social security number, bank account, credit card, driving license, rent/buy a home, lease/buy a car. They will also introduce the community to you. If you are Christian and want to find a church, they will do that for you too. So, after 1-2 months, you will have your new home, got your car, and you can start building your community circle.

Want to experience Redmond on your own? No problem! Microsoft will give you a rental car. You can drive it away after you get your license. Of course, the rental car is just for few weeks, but they don't start the timer until you "summon" your car. And at anytime, you can "unsummon" it, so you can save your rental car time.

The whole relocation package is people-ready in mind. If you think you are brilliant, apply for a job in Microsoft now!