December, 2006

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    Habu rules!

    As a hardcore gamer and developer, I always believe peripheral is a key to success. My very first ergonomic keyboard is the legendary Microsoft Natural Keyboard . I immediately addicted to it, it not only helped me to correct my bad typing behavior, it...
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    My very first foggy night at Redmond

    There are always fogs back in Hong Kong. But I never experience fog that is as heavy as in Redmond. I took this photo at the front entrance of building 50 on 2nd Dec. I guess visibility is roughly 50 meters.
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    Photos taken on the early snow day (29th November)

    I finally uploaded photos I took on last Wednesday at Microsoft campus. As you can see, there aren't too many people here, but I am sure some of them still work at campus to prepare for Vista launch on 30th November. I took this one on 40th and...
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