I finally uploaded photos I took on last Wednesday at Microsoft campus. As you can see, there aren't too many people here, but I am sure some of them still work at campus to prepare for Vista launch on 30th November.

Intersection at 40th and 156th

I took this one on 40th and 156th intersection, where I come by 6-7 days a week.

Snowy passage to building 16

It is not easy to find a tree with reddish leaves on in the campus, and they are there at the southeast entrance of building 16/17 (left one is 16, right one is 17).

Passage between building 1 and 33

Employees are valuable asset to Microsoft and trees are just next to us. These are historic trees next to very first buildings of Microsoft.

Section of NE 36th between building 16 and ball fields

On my way back to Microsoft Way, I took this sunset shot just next to our ball fields (on the left). This is the one I like most in this group of winter photos. Sunset, bald trees, snowy...

Outdoor cafeteria of Building 25

This is the outdoor part of cafeteria at building 25. It definitely looks gorgeous with snow.

Waterfall at cafeteria of building 25

Still at cafeteria 25, a close-up shot at the nice artificial waterfall. This waterfall runs 24x7x365, just like our business.

Hope you enjoy my collection of winter snapshots of Microsoft campus.