Razer is well known famous for their excellent quality gaming hardware. In late 2006, Microsoft teamed up with Razer and created the famous Habu mouse. You can check my post here.


Yesterday, Microsoft announced partnership with Razer to create another gaming product, Reclusa gaming keyboard. It features: blue LED backlighting, faster repsonse time, 2 x jog-dials, 2 x bumper buttons, 6 programmable keys, on-the-fly profile management, detachable padded wrist rest, and gold-plated USB plug.

Perhaps gamer don't really like ergonomic design, Reclusa does not looks "natural". And no words on pressing 10 keys simultaneously without jamming any (a.k.a. anti-ghosting). But if they runs the engine behind Razer Tarantula, it should, right?

I here created a chart for unofficial feature comparison according to press releases of both keyboards.

Description Razer Tarantula Microsoft Reclusa

(pressing 10 keys simultaneously)

Yes Unknown
Macro Keys Yes Yes
Fast Response Yes, 1 ms Yes, it's called Razer Hyperresponse
Profile Switching Yes, 100 profiles Yes, no words on number of profiles
Onboard Memory 32KB by Razer Synapse Unknown, probably yes
Fully Interchangeable Keys Yes No
Keymaps Yes, 2 keymaps per profile Unknown, probably no
Gaming Hotkeys 10 hotkeys 6 hotkeys
Lighting Yes, on some keys Yes, blue LED backlighting
Jogdial No Yes, 2 jogdials
Bumper buttons No Yes, probably behave like 4 extra keys
Wrist Rest Yes, not detachable Yes, detachable
Battledock Yes No

Looks like both keyboard have some pros/cons over each other. Microsoft Reclusa will be released in Spring, and I will post updates sooner.