No one could deny Gears of War is one of the hottest game in 2006. I was not a big fans of console, but I purchased one just days before X'mas. Not only to celebrate my first driver's license, first X'mas in Redmond (or 2nd in USA), but to play Gears of War online. I saw GoW promotional ads in Robbie Bach's show in Redmond campus (for Microsoft employee's only) and I loved it immediately. After hearing IPTV is coming to XBOX360, I feel that my hard-earned bucks are well-spent.

Most XBOX360 developers are not aware of console owners running their games on 4:3 LCD panel using VGA cables, characters in GoW appears to be slimmer (Fenix/Dom no longer looks pig) when running on VGA cable (i.e. upscaled 720p), instead of 16:9 LCD/Plasma/HDTV or 4:3 TV/CRT (480p). Wrong aspect ratio, boy.

Words from that the new GoW patch is up with fixed aspect ratio bug (where's my PGR3 patch then?). I am going to install the patch when I back home today, tune my XBOX360 back to 1280x1024 (instead of 640x480, which workaround for the bug), and rocks the world! I am half-chapter away to finish Hardcore difficulty and going to kill RAAM again tonight.

[Update: I got it install when back home for lunch, confirmed aspect ratio is fixed, and now few checkpoints before RAAM's death.]

[Update 2: Hardcore RAAM is dead and it ain't too difficult. Now proceeding to insane, finished first act.]