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  • Blog Post: Microsoft Campus in year 2007

    Weather is not really good in the first few days of 2007. As usual, rainy in the morning and shady at noon. While having late lunch around 4 PM today, I went by 156th Ave NE & NE 40th St as usual. Weather was surprisingly good and sunset was gorgeous. I took a photo at the intersection again,...
  • Blog Post: My very first foggy night at Redmond

    There are always fogs back in Hong Kong. But I never experience fog that is as heavy as in Redmond. I took this photo at the front entrance of building 50 on 2nd Dec. I guess visibility is roughly 50 meters.
  • Blog Post: Autumn at Microsoft Campus

    Redmond campus was a forest. Trees are everywhere and they turns red and yellow in autumn. They looks particular good in autumn. I like nature and different seasons, and I even planned to go to Japan to see red leaves this autumn. I took this photo on the walkway of 156th Ave, at the bus stop. 156th...
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