We've moved!



For those of you familiar with The Jerk, you may have recognized the paraphrased line of Navin Johnson (Steve Martin) that is featured in the title of this post.  I had posted a preview link to the new community site, but now it is official!!!  The new site is up, running, and much more robust than our original blog (which you're reading now).  This is a bittersweet post for me, as this will be the very last one on this blog site.  As I look back at the posts that are up on this blog, I do so with a bit of nostalgia.  What a fun time this was for all of us.  But, as with all good things, we have evolved our original team blog site into something more.  And, to be honest, the new site is more than we ever would have expected when the original blog effort began so long ago.  Our new site is a comprehensive community site which has an expansive feature set.  We have started off with a basic installation, featuring individual blogs from all of the Microsoft Connections team members.  I would ask that you update your bookmarks to point to this new site as this will be the home of the Connections team blog from this point forward and I don't want you to miss a thing!!!  The new site is available at www.microsoftsbcommunity.com and, as always, is available from the link at www.microsoft.com/connections.


Enjoy the new site!!!