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A blog by Niklas Gustafsson on topics loosely related to concurrency and manycore

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  • Blog Post: Isolation in Maestro

    As noted in the Dr Dobb's article , Maestro is primarily about establishing isolation domains so that we can cut down on the number of undocumented dependencies between components. With a language like C# or VB, any two references of type T could be referring to the same object, and if you consider a...
  • Blog Post: Maestro

    I had expected that the first word on Maestro would come on this blog, but that's what happens when you take time between posts. We first discussed it during PDC at the Thursday panel on parallel programming, we discussed it on Channel 9 , and then Josh Phillips posted his excellent article about...
  • Blog Post: PDC Day 3

    I did my first talk Wednesday, "A Deep Dive Into the Concurrency Runtime," where I talked about how to extend the PPL and Agents native libraries and how to build your own scheduler with our runtime. A rather dry topic, I almost managed to bore myself. However, the room was filled to capacity and more...
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