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A blog by Niklas Gustafsson on topics loosely related to concurrency and manycore

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  • Blog Post: The Perils of Lock-Freeness & Getting Tasks onto the UI Thread

    In my last post, I was looking for someone to tell me about a race condition in the cancel() code path, but to my embarrassment, Krishnan Varadarajan, one of the many talented developers on the ConcRT team, pointed out a bad race on the run/wait code path! In the original code, it was possible for...
  • Blog Post: Grandiosely Serialized Tasks

    No one can accuse me of spamming the MSDN blog site with too many posts, but after months of writing nothing, I recently and suddenly felt inspired to get something posted again. Maybe it had something to do with the release of Beta 2 of VS 2010 and .NET Framework 4 ? Apple recently shipped the latest...
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