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Two colleagues from my group (Nick Cipollone and Andrea Jessee) very recently developed a tool called Transliteration Utility which allows you to convert one natural language script to another (like Serbian Latin to Serbian Cyrillic or Latin characters to Inuktitut). The tool, which uses a simple but powerful rule language, can also be used to create, edit, debug, and test your own natural language transliteration modules to convert one script to another.

It can be used either by

   1. Typing in one script in a field, which it will convert on the fly;

   2. Copying and Pasting text in a field, which it will convert automatically;

   3. Giving it a whole Unicode text file to convert;

   4. Converting a list of Unicode files by using its Command Line Interface.

A key feature of the tool is its Module Development Console, which allows anyone to author, edit, and/or test new or existing transliteration modules.

Microsoft Transliteration Utility is freely available for public download at http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/tools/translit.mspx.

It comes with nine modules ready for use (and you can create your own modules):

Bosnian Cyrillic to Latin

Bosnian Latin to Cyrillic 

Serbian Cyrillic to Latin

Serbian Latin to Cyrillic

Hangul to Romanization

Inuktitut to Romanization

Romanization to Inuktitut

Malayalam to Romanization

Romanization to Malayalam


This is really a cool tool or, to say it in Malayalam script, ഠിസ് ഇസ് രെഅല്ല്യ് ചോല്റ്റോല്‍, or in Cyrillic script: Тхис ис реаллy а цоол тоол!


Thierry Fontenelle

Microsoft Speech & Natural Language