July, 2008

  • ux musings

    Bubbly Skin Updated for Beta 2


    I finally had a bit of free time to update the bubbly skin to beta 2. If you would like to use this skin feel free to download and use my sample project using the link below, and you can view it live if you'd like too...

    Bubbly Skin
    View live...
    Download skin...


  • ux musings

    Previous Post's Application Using Live Data Services


    All of the code for the sample application described in my previous post is updated and working in Silverlight 2 beta 2 now, and it is using live data services from various places on the web including MSN Video, Flickr, Digg, and Ebay. My passion is not coding, so the code is not perfect by any means, but it works reasonably well.

    You can download my sample project or view the application live using the following links...

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