It's always hard to start out the first entry to you blog so I'll make it short and succint.  My name is Carl Perry and I'm a Program Manager on the ADO.NET team.  I've worked on the team for almost 3 years as a PM and before that worked in PSS supporting ADO/VB/ASP/ASP.NET/ADO.NET/Winforms.  I currently am the PM for SqlClient.

In my spare time I'm keeping busy with my 2 month old daughter.  When I have free time, it's been 2 months and counting without any of it..., I play video games, design and build furniture, golf, write code, read a fairly wide array of books, and generally hang out with friends and family.

As I move forward I expect to talk alot about SqlClient and Sql Server but I expect that I'll wander into other areas that are not data related.


-- Carl