Great new customer facing content is now available around Internet Explorer 8 RC1 for developers & IT professionals. The content includes a series of 28 How Do I Video’s, 10 Virtual labs, and a series of corresponding fact sheets with code snippets to highlight key features in IE8.

Internet Explorer 8 “How Do I” Video Series (28 videos)

  • Short “YouTube” style videos around key features/functionality in IE8. Each video covers quick/short overview of the feature (what it does), why you’d use it, how to use it.
  • Five are available today and 3-4 additional videos will be added every week here. RSS feeds can be enabled to keep up to date on the latest new videos.
  • Includes relevant code samples and corresponding fact sheets

Internet Explorer 8 Fact Sheets (28 sheets)

  • PDF “one pagers” that explain key features/functionality in IE8. Includes code samples and can be used both online and offline in print.
  • Corresponding fact sheet for every How Do I Video. These are also in conjunction with the IE8 Demo Site which is meant to allow full demos of functionality, and an environment where customers can “kick the tires” around key features of IE8. 

Internet Explorer 8 Virtual Labs (9 Labs - Coming February 27)

  • Total of 9 Virtual Labs for IT Professionals & Developers.
  • Includes Application Compatibility, Debugging, and Developer Tool topics.