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Windows Vista Media Center Killer App Found

Windows Vista Media Center Killer App Found

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I pay pretty close attention to Chris Lanier's blog (and others) as I am a relatively new Media Center user, and historically an early adopter of all things entertainment related.

There have been several MCE plug-ins and applications discussed over the past several months, and I have tested a number of them with varied success. Frankly I found most buggy and didn't deliver what was promised. Today however, I read Chris' post on WebGuide 4.1 beta and installed it.

So far, I have been really impressed by this app. From the installation, to the configuration options to the user interface it is clear that it was well written (it just feels really solid & stable) and the user experience was taken carefully into account.

WebGuide 4.1 Beta

So what does it do?

  1. Allows you to access remotely your MCE content remotely via web browser, or mobile device browser J
    1. Images
    2. Music
    3. Videos
    4. DVDs
    5. Recorded TV
    6. Live TV!
  2. Allows you to schedule MCE recordings remotely from a user friendly, intuitive guide (very similar to the one exposed by the MCE interface)

So far everything is running well and I haven't run into any issues. I will keep playing with it and report back any issues, tips or tricks that I come across.  This is a great example of the partner ecosystem working to build solutions that interoperate and add value to the Microsoft platform.

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