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  • Blog Post: Interop Las Vegas 2008 – Day 2

    Day 2 was all about Partners – those who we are working with through the Interop Vendor Alliance as well as a host of companies building solutions that interoperate with Microsoft NAP technology. Video: Interop Las Vegas 2008 - Day 2 -C
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Office Binary Formats – now freely available to all!

    This afternoon we published the specs for the office binary document formats and placed them under the Microsoft Open Specification Promise . This means that anyone can now freely use these formats for any reason without any concerns over intellectual property rights. Enjoy!
  • Blog Post: Microsoft to release .NET Framework Source Code

    I saw this today and it inspired me to really get back on the blogging horse: Scott Guthrie reported yesterday that with .NET 3.5, Microsoft will begin releasing source code for the .NET framework including debug support in Visual Studio 2008. This means that developers can actually step into code that...
  • Blog Post: Pragmatism in IT

    The approach of Microsoft in the context of interoperability is one of proactivity and pragmatism. The reality of the IT ecosystem is that heterogeneity is reality and that we as a company (and an industry) must continually adapt to properly address the needs of customers operating in these environments...
  • Blog Post: Sun to support Open XML

    I just ran across these links today. Great to see additional implementations of Open XML coming online! Office Open XML Import Filter for Spreadsheets The next version of StarSuite will support Open XML
  • Blog Post: Nikon RAW (.NEF) codec released for Windows Vista!

    For those of us who shoot digital SLR photography and love Windows Vista, this is a great day. The Nikon NEF codec will allow us to leverage the great Photo Gallery features of Vista, even with our non-jpeg files. Shooting RAW vs. shooting JPEG is an ongoing debate between many amateur photographers...
  • Blog Post: Open Specification Promise (OSP) on Channel9!

    For those of you who are not yet intimately familiar with the Open Specification Promise (OSP) , this is a great video featuring my manager Jean Paoli discussing the ins and outs of the OSP (along with Amy Marasco and Tom Robertson). If you tune into Channel9 now, you will see Jean's mug front and center...
  • Blog Post: Ecma Office Open XML added to the OSP

    Today we added Ecma Office Open XML final draft to the list of specifications covered by the OSP. Now users who implement solutions based on the Open XML format can choose to use either the language of the Covenant Not to Sue (CNS) or the language provided by the recently announced Open Specification...
  • Blog Post: How I define (and think about) Interoperability

    When I think about IT (and business for that matter), the interactions that result from useful connections are the primary generators of value. To put it another way, if connections can't be made, value cannot be transferred from one person to another, or from one system or application to another and...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft releases Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) format under the Open Specification Promise (OSP)

    Today we announced that the Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) format is now freely available for use under our Open Specification Promise (OSP) , and can be used in any development model without license for free, and forever. This decision was the result of many conversations over the last several months with...
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