Fellow Canucks . . .

There is a lot going on lately, and I wanted to take a few mins and keep you up to date.

First, you probably read in the MSDN Flash that Steve Ballmer is coming to Toronto to talk to developers on February 25th at the Toronto Congress Centre - I've heard from many of you and I'm excited about this event. We'll actually be taping the event for .NET TV - and if you run into me before, during or shortly after the event - please stop and talk, we'll be recording some discussions with the crowd to suppliment the .NET TV footage - you could be on TV!

The event is titled Microsoft Developer Briefing and will cover four in-depth sessions on ASP.NET and Security in the .NET Framework delivered by Paul Murphy.

Not to worry if you can't make it to TO - the 4 sessions will be travelling across Canada (sans Steve Ballmer) in March/April. Check out the events site to register, and expect an invite if you are on our lists in the coming week(s).

We've got big plans for an event series called MSDN Deep Dives - that will happen in 5 cities across Canada and include topics on Smart Client development, .NET for Java developers and even Game development with .NET. Watch the Flash for the details on getting out to those events in your area.

Also - MSDN Canada DevChats are going very well - if you've been on one with us, it's been a lot of fun thus far - and in the coming weeks will add more from not only Microsoft folks, but from some of the top minds at our leading partners. If you have a topic you'd like to see on a DevChat, blog it here or send me an email craigfla@microsoft.com

And last - but certainly not least - not even close to least - the big news - VSLive! Toronto is now co-located with a Microsoft Mobile Developer's conference! This is uber-exciting for us, you can check out full details and save on reg by visiting www.vslive.com/to

Trying to keep you in the know,