Hey Team Canada,

So, Express Betas are out (http://msdn.microsoft.ca/express) and many, many, many have downloaded. I'm curious to know what everybody is building as their first application to try things out? Business? Fun? Little bit of both?

Soon MSDN Canada will announce a contest for Canadians around Terrarium. The 1.2 version of the client has been released, we've got a server up and running and will point you there soon. In the meantime, visit www.terrariumgame.net and download the client, make sure your client points to the http://www.terrariumgame.net/terrarium server. Try out building some organisms, visit the terrarium farm to get some samples. Get your herbivore/carnivore ready for a Canadian terrarium contest!

Where's the tie in? You can use express to compile your bugs, you can also use Visual Studio .NET 2003.

Til next time,